More Glitches
Season 2, Episode 2
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Air date January 20, 2014
Written by Toon Central
Directed by Toon Central
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The Glitch Violet (Episode)
More Glitches is the second episode of the second season of Modern Pets. It is also the series twelfth episode overall. The episode premiered on January 20, 2014.


  • This episode uses a lot of videogame references.
  • Bobby reveals there are 100 levels of the videogame.
  • All the videogame characters in this episode are inspirations from the Mario series.
  • The episode's description says this episode is an inspiration from Disney's popular movie Wreck-It Ralph.
  • This is the third time in an episode of the series that Bunny only has one dialogue in the entire episode. The first being Deju-Vu and the second being The Glitch.
  • This episode is actually part 2 of the previous episode, The Glitch, continuing where the previous episode finished.
  • Despite being in the previous episode, when a character talks, there are no subtitles.
  • This is the second episode of the series to not premiere on a Sunday. This episode premiered on a Monday instead. The first episode to not premiere on a Sunday is Bunny's Halloween of Horror: Episode 1.
  • Billy Bill Bill appears in this episode's title card.

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