Season 2, Episode 6-8
Vital statistics
Air date June 15, 2014 (Part 1),

June 22, 2014 (Part 2) and June 29, 2014 (Part 3)

Written by Toon Central
Directed by Toon Central
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Crossover is the sixth, seventh and eighth episode of the second season of Modern Pets. It is also the series sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth episode overall. The episode is scheduled to premiere on June 15, 2014 with Part 1, then Part 2 on June 22, 2014 and Part 3 on June 29, 2014. The episode is a special 3 part series, similar to season one's Christmas Adventure. Starting with Part 2 of Crossover, Modern Pets will become the longest running series on Toon Central, in terms of episode count, as The Family Suite was the original longest running series of a total of 16 episodes, but is still the longest running series in terms of years. It was announced on June 8, 2014 that the three parts will be a crossover between two different series by Toon Central, Destiny and Modern Pets, making this the first ever crossover between the two shows.


  • This is the second three part special. The first being Christmas Adventure, from season 1.
  • This is the first episode to feature characters from another show, Destiny, also created by Toon Central.
  • Part 1 features a surprising twist for the Destiny series, by revealing that Destiny is a TV show.
  • Part 1 continues where the last episode of Destiny ends, therefore, continuing the series.
  • In part 2, the title for the show's opening theme has a red colour, instead of the usual show's pink title.
  • In part 2, Dave interupts Bunny in the opening titles.
  • In part 2, this is the first episode to use the new titlecard.
  • In part 2, there's a flashback to the very first episode of Destiny.
  • Parts 2 & 3 are more about the series Destiny, than the main series Modern Pets.
  • Part 2 has a twist for the Destiny series as Rosetta and Amanda are actually sisters.
  • The quote "Glow in the dark pizza" is a catchphrase from the Destiny series.
  • In part 2, this is the first episode where Bunny doesn't speak.
  • In part 3, another twist is revealed for Destiny, as Perry can control the portal, which has been left as a mystery in the series since the first episode.
  • This is the series finale for Destiny.

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