Christmas Adventure
Season 1, Episode 7-9
Vital statistics
Air date December 1, 2013 (Part 1), December 8, 2013 (Part 2) and December 15, 2013 (Part 3)
Written by Toon Central
Directed by Toon Central
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Closing Down Late Night With George 'Super' Fly
Christmas Adventure is the three part episode of the first season of Modern Pets. The three parts are the seventh, eighth and ninth episodes of the first season. Part 1 premiered on December 1, 2013, Part 2 premiered on December 8, 2013 and Part 3 premiered on December 15, 2013.


Bobby wants Santa's autograph so he become famous, but Alex suggests Santa is living next door as a name called August.


  • This is the series first 3 part episode. Also, it is the series first episode to have "To Be Continued..." in the end credits. The previous two part episode Fetching A Job and Business Buddies don't indicate that the episode is not concluded, even though the episodes are both continuations of each episode.
  • Bunny references a movie titled Elf which is a popular Christmas movie released in 2003.
  • Bobby doesn't get Santa's autograph in either episodes. He does get his autograph but it's not referenced until the season 2 premiere of The Glitch.
  • Part 2 and Part 3 are the first and second episodes in the series to have a "Previously", recapping events from the previous episode.
  • The opening theme has a different theme, this time being a Christmas theme. All 3 episodes are the only episodes not to feature the opening theme as heard in the previous episodes of the series.
  • This is the second episode in the series to have a subtitle after the title of the series, the first being Bunny's Halloween of Horror: Episode 1.
  • Santa references a quote from the popular movie franchise Star Wars''. "It's A Trap" is a quote from Star Wars: Episode VI: Return of the Jedi released in 1983.
  • This episode does not feature the series usual title card. Instead the episode title is presented.
  • None of the clips from the trailer are present in the actual special.

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