Bobby is the deuteragonist of the animated series Modern Pets. Bobby is a bear and is best friends with Bunny. Bobby first appeared in the episode Fetching A Job.


  • Despite being the series deuteragonist, Bobby is the third character to appear in the series.
  • Bobby owns his own gaming company called Carrot. First appeared in the episode Business Buddies.
  • Bobby loves anime and movies. This is mentioned in the episode Closing Down.
  • Bobby's favourite food is a candy cane. First mentioned in the episode Violet.
  • Bobby has Santa's autograph. First appeared in the episode The Glitch.
  • Bobby's other name is The Glitch. This is mentioned in the episode More Glitches.
  • Bobby is the first character to mention his species of a bear.
  • Bobby has appeared in nearly every episode of the series. The only episode where Bobby doesn't make an appearence is Friends or Enemies?. He doesn't speak in Bunny's Halloween of Horror: Episode 1, but appears in the episode.
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