Alex is a main character of the animated series Modern Pets. Alex first appeared in the episode Frank's Day Off.


  1. Frank's Day Off
  2. Bunny's Halloween of Horror: Episode 1
  3. Closing Down
  4. Christmas Adventure (Part 1)
  5. Late Night With George 'Super' Fly
  6. The Perfect Job


  • Alex is the fourth character to appear in the series.
  • Alex was originally only to appear in one episode, but has since appeared in other episodes of the series.
  • Alex's name is mentioned for the first time in Bunny's Halloween of Horror: Episode 1.
  • Alex use to own his own shop titled Rent-Flicks. However, he closed the store in the episode Closing Down.
  • Alex now works at a fast food place in the episode Christmas Adventure (Part 1).
  • Alex has appeared in 6 episodes of the series, to date. However, he doesn't appear in Late Night With George 'Super' Fly, but he does speak in the episode. Alex is the third most appeared character in the series, to date.
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